Ex-Head David Byrne Collaborates With Devo

Devo have recorded "Wicked Little Doll" with David Byrne.

Like his old pals (okay, ex-pals) in The Heads, David Byrne is making his new

album a collaborative effort. And also like the Heads (who had guest turns from

non-mainstream peers like Richard Hell, Maria McKee and Gavin Friday on their

1996 album), Byrne has chosen an eclectic list of left-of-the-dial folks for

the project.

The nervous-mannered singer, whose last solo album was 1994's

self-titled affair, will release Feelings in early June. The CD features

a collaboration with members of Devo on the song "Wicked Little Doll" and a

duet with Paula Cole on "Miss America," which also features vocals from Betty

("Clean-Up Woman") Wright, co-produced by Miami producer Joe Galdo (Angelique

Kidjo). Like many of the partnerships, the Galdo track was recorded on

location, at the producer's Miami home, in keeping with a mood Byrne was trying

to create.

"I realized two things after having written and made demos of a

number of songs," says Byrne in some notes from the sessions. "That home studio

recordings now sound as good as big-name studio records, and often the vibe

there is more conducive to creativity. Secondly, the songs appear to be in a

wide variety of styles that might best be interpreted by different groups of


To that end, Byrne also traveled to Morcheeba's Clapham,

England home studios last year to work on a group of nine songs, which the

group's guitarist, Paul Godfrey told ATN included "Daddy Go Down," with younger

brother Ross Godfrey on sitar, along with a Cajun fiddler, turntable scratching

and hip-hop beats. Some of the other tracks, "Fuzzy Freaky," "Amnesia" and

"Dance on Vaseline," incorporate such disparate elements as swing, reggae, funk

and acoustic country folk.

Morcheeba played on and co-produced the tracks

with Byrne, as well as co-producing a handful of other tracks on the album.

Godfrey said the sessions came about when Byrne heard an advance tape of the

band's debut trip-hop inflected Who Can You Trust? and phoned them up.

"We were thrilled, to say the least, we grew up listening to the Talking Heads

and we're really big fans of his," said Godfrey. "We always thought he was a

mad kind of guy who'd be really interesting to work with, but he's actually

sort of more balanced and stable than most people you'd ever meet in your


Byrne also trekked to Seattle to work with that city's Black Cat

Orchestra to record the last track "They Are In Love" and to New York to record

with musician Hahn Rowe and C'n'A (Andreas and Camus), who he had worked with

previously on a Red, Hot & Rio track (a cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim's

"Aguas Du Marco").

The full track listing for Feelings is: "Fuzzy

Freaky," "Miss America," "A Soft Seduction," "Dance on Vaseline," "The Gates of

Paradise," "Amnesia," "You Don't Know Me," "Daddy Go Down," "Finite=Alright,"

"Wicked Little Doll," "Burnt By The Sun," "The Civil Wars," "Untitled" and

"They Are In Love."