Drummer Departs Foo Fighters

Is there a drummer in the house? Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

In what might be a crisis for most bands, but probably isn't for this one

(since their lead singer knows a thing or two about a drum kit), the Foo


announced Tuesday (March 4) that skins man William Goldsmith has unexpectedly

quit the band to "pursue a variety of other musical interests," none of which

were specified. (At least they didn't say it was due to "musical


Singer/guitarist Dave Grohl, who just a few years ago came

out from behind the Nirvana drum set following Kurt Cobain's suicide, to take a

lead spot in his own band, said in a statement, "We are all very sad that

William is leaving. It's like losing a family member. Plus he's such an amazing

drummer. It is my sincerest hope that he will continue to rock the universe in

all of his future endeavors."

Goldsmith was recruited, along with bassist

Nate Mendel, from the late, lamented Washington state buzz band, Sunny Day Real

Estate, in 1995, to fill out the touring version of the band, whose debut album

was performed almost entirely by Grohl.

While the re-formation of Sunny

Day Real Estate seemed unlikely as recently as last year, a source at the

band's former label, Sub Pop, said it wouldn't be out of the question for the

group to re-form for the "occasional show," adding that former lead singer

Jeremy Enigk, who released his solo debut on the label, Return of the Frog

Queen, last year, "would not be opposed to it and the other guys would

probably be into it also." Forced to place odds, the source said, "50/50, or


MTV News has reported that the new Foo Fighters album's working

title is The Colour & The Shape and that it is set for a May 20


No replacement has been named for Goldsmith, who will, in fact, play on the new

record, according to a management source.