Waiting For Lucinda (Williams)

Cover art from Williams' classic 1988 album.

For fans of country-rock chanteuse Lucinda Williams it has been too long in the

desert. Williams, whose self-titled 1988 album on Rough Trade is still

considered by many to be one of the great albums of the 80's, and who hasn't

released a new album in over five years, has finally finished her debut for

Rick Rubin's American Recordings, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.

Actually, Williams is almost finished, according to the folks at

American, who know better than to hold Ms. Williams to any timetable, given the

long birth of this effort, which was reported to be near completion several

times, only to have Williams scrap the tracks and start over. And over.

According to a source at American, the sessions for the album, which were

co-produced by Steve Earle, Ray Kennedy and ex-E Streeter Roy Bittan, were

recently completed. A summer release is expected.

This is great news for

anybody who caught Williams' appearance at the South By Southwest Festival in

Austin, Texas last year, since it was one of the highlights of the affair and

reminded the packed house of the vocal and lyrical strength of the Grammy

winning singer. The album, which will include the songs "Concrete and Barbed

Wire," "Greenville," and "Lake Charles," boasts guest appearances from Dr. John

and guitarist Charlie Sexton and is scheduled to be mixed next month--although

you never know.

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