Ice-T To OJ: Guilty As Charged

On the new Bodycount album, Ice-T includes a song about OJ called "I Used To Love Her" with some rather controversial lyrics. Photo by JayBlakesberg.

When L. A. exploded into riots after the Rodney King verdict in

'92, the media turned to Ice-T to explain black rage. So it seems a little

unusual now that Ice-T and his metal band, Body Count, are coming out with a

new album, Violent Demise: The Last Days, that includes "I Used to Love

Her," a song which says, in essence, "Fuck OJ."

Now that Ice-Thinks of it,

fuck Rodney King too.

"When we were making the record, OJ was on every

fucking channel," Ice-T said this week from his Hollywood Hills home. "I said

'Doesn't everybody know he killed her?' Goddam! What the fuck?"


lyric from "I Used To Love Her":

"Not guilty? What the fuck you talking


"You got a bloody glove, bloody car, bloody knife, bloody bitch,

bloody carpet, bloody sock, bloody hand!

"Call Shapiro. Get Cochran on the


"I don't even know any OJ fans, personally," Ice-T said. "Everybody

says 'This nigger? Fuck him.' White people are saying 'The black people are

gonna get mad.' Black people don't give a fuck about OJ. The black people you

get on TV do, of course, the one out of 10 they can find. They show the one who

says he's innocent.

"They don't give a fuck about OJ or Rodney King because

their brother or father is in jail," Ice-T continued. "No trial, no DNA test,

nothing. OJ gets all that action. I'm just trying to let people realize that

shit is stupid. I'm surprised we're the only person who made a record about


He's not the only one, exactly. Ex-Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford

put a track called "Gretna Green" on a bomb of an album a couple years back,

but it went nowhere. "We do one that's even worse," Ice-T said. In concert,

Body Count's cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" gets some lyric changes: "Hey,

O, where you goin' with that knife in your hand?'

There's plenty of other

strong content, such as "Truth or Death" ("I don't think there's any such thing

as the truth anymore. Everything's based around everyone's agendas or angle.

There is no truth, only variations of lies.") and sexually explicit songs such

as "Stripper."

What if there's backlash? What if no one gets the satire of

the rest of the album?

"That means they're stupid, so fuck them," Ice said.

"The cool thing about me is I kinda got this cool base audience. On a flop,

I'll do 300,000. What more do you want?"