Pat Boone Pays The Price

Rock 'n' roll extracts a heavy toll, Mr. Boone.

Pat Boone has learned the hard way that when you sleep

with the devil, you best be prepared to fuck. Or so one could interrupt the

decision announced this past Thursday (February 20) by a Christian TV network,

the Trinity Broadcasting Network, to drop Boone's gospel show in the wake of

his new career as a mock heavy metal rocker.

Boone, known for creating

limp, white-washed versions of early rock 'n' roll hits in the '50s, just had a

new album, Pat Boone In A Metal Mood, released. The album features Boone

singing big band versions of songs by Metallica and others.

The Trinity

Broadcasting Network told Daily Variety that 1000s of their viewers had

complained after seeing Boone decked out in black leather, a studded choker and

fake tattoos on the American Music Awards show last month presenting an award

in the heavy metal category.

Boone has said in interviews that he recorded

the new album because he felt that beneath the loud rock 'n' roll arrangements

were some "terrific" songs.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network produces and

distributes religious and inspirational Christian programs through some 400

affiliated TV and radio stations. According to Daily Variety, it pulled

Boone's show, "Gospel America," while seeking an explanation from Boone for his

turn to metal. "The decision was based on recent changes in the focus and

content of Pat's music, which represents a different genre than the Gospel and

traditional inspirational format and ministry of the 'Gospel America' program,"

TBN said in a statement.

Boone seems to have taken this development in

stride. "They see garish-looking pictures of me and say, 'Oh no, Pat Boone has

totally sold out, lost his salvation and gone over to the Devil,' " Boone said.

"They didn't get the joke."