Marky Ramone Grows Up

Rockin' hard and heavy with the Intruders.

Drummer Marky Ramone is set to be the first ex-Ramone (post-breakup) out of the

gate with his own album. The self-titled debut from Marky's band, the

Intruders, will be out on May 6 on Henry Rollins' label Thirsty Ear, with a

sound a label source called "like a heavy 90's Ramones."

The other members

of the Intruders include singer Skinny Bones, who was introduced to Marky by

fellow ex-Ramone Dee Dee, bass player Finger Pisano and guitarist Ben Trokan.

Marky and Skinny began their collaboration several years ago when they co-wrote

a few Ramones songs, including "Job That Ate My Brain" on Mondo Bizarro

and "Have a Nice Day" from the Ramones' final studio album, Adios


Marky produced the 13-track album which features a cover of

the Ramones song "Anxiety," as well as the very Ramones-sounding tunes "Oh, No

Not Again," "Telephone Love," "Can't Take It With You" and "I Want My


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