For The Circular File: Bonham Band's Zep Tribute

Jason Bonham plays the music that made his dad a star.


Jason Bonham Band, featuring the prodigal son and "chip off the old block" of

the late, very great Led Zeppelin drummer, John (Bonzo) Bonham, will make their

recording debut with In the Name of My Father--The ZepSet, in stores

March 24.

The live performance was captured (sic) New York's historic

Electric Ladyland, and boasts a wealth of Zeppelin classics including "Ramble

On," "Communication Breakdown," "The Song Remains the Same" and "Ten Years

Gone." All of the royalties from The ZepSet will be donated to the Big

Sisters of Los Angeles, and the John Bonham Memorial Motorcycle Camp. All

profits from the band's tour will go to charities, as well.

" 'My father

was a very charitable man,' Bonham says, 'and I am following his


" 'So many bands do Led Zeppelin songs badly,' Bonham points out.

'I said, 'let's go out and do it for fun.''

"As part of Bonham's charity

efforts during the tour, Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records (Zeppelin's

label), issued 25 authentic Led Zeppelin IV platinum Lps (signifying the

25th anniversary of the album's release), mounted under glass, which the

sponsoring radio station in each city will auction off. The proceeds will be

used for the acquisition of Kawasaki motorcycles for The John Bonham Memorial

Motorcycle Camp, operated by The Police Activities League's Off-Road Pals

program, whose goal is to give under-privileged and at-risk young people the

opportunity to get involved with motorcycle sport."