An Open Letter To NASA

The new Negativland?

When will the persecution end? First, this nation's space agency runs

roughshod over the rights of moon inhabitants by leaving a bunch of junk on our

nearest neighbor, now they attack a surf rock band who happen to be from outer

space (Coincidence? I think not!) for allegedly swiping their logo.


situation thus far...

The fine, if somewhat Earth-culturally challenged

group (please tell Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard that it is not cool

to de-ionize the club owner when he stiffs the band), have been issued a "cease

and desist" order by the draconian space agency on account of their violation

of an obscure copyright code, 14 ¤ CFR 1221.110, in regards to their ASTRO

logo. ATN was provided a copy of a letter that the group claim was sent to them

by NASA general counsel.

Partial text: "This letter is formal notice that

your use of the NASA logo in you own 'ASTRO' logo constitutes wrongful use of

government property. The NASA logo is owned in full by the United States

Government, who controls and regulates it (sic) use. Specifically, 14 ¤ CFR

1221.110 limits the authorized uses of the NASA insignia. Use of the insignia

by Man...or Astroman? Is certainly NOT included in that list."

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