Pennywise's Full Circle Nearing Completion

Pennywise before the death of bassist Jason Thirsk.

Pennywise are finishing up work on their new album, Full Circle (April

22), their first release since the suicide of founding member Jason Thirsk last


The 14-song effort was produced by the band and Eddie Ashworgh

(Sublime) and features a new version of "Bro Hymn," a song that appeared on

their first Epitaph full-length, Pennywise (1991) that was written by

former bassist Thirsk about some friends of his who'd died.

A source at

Epitaph told ATN the band re-wrote some verses to re-birth the song as a

tribute to Thirsk. Additionally, the entire album is dedicated to Thirsk and

several songs invoke his memory, which the source said is somewhat of a theme

on tunes like "Did You Really," "Date with Destiny," "Final Day," "Nowhere

Fast," "You'll Never Make It," "Fight 'Til You Die" and "Running Out of Time."

Pennywise have signed up for their second tour of duty on the Warped tour

this summer, alongside bands like Blink 182, Millencolin, Royal Crown Revue and

the Deftones.

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