Snoop & Puffy Get Friendly

"There is no rivalry," says Snoop about his new friend Sean "Puffy" Combs.

East Coast met West coast last week when Death Row's Snoop Doggy Dogg and

ubiquitous Bad Boy producer Sean "Puffy" Combs buried the hatchet and appeared

together on an episode of the WB network's "The Steve Harvey Show."

In the

episode, which airs Sunday, February 23, Dogg and Combs approach Harvey's

character for permission to sample his music and are turned down by Harvey, who

tells them he won't agree as long as there is animosity between them. The scene

is being touted for its honest attempt to quash the supposed rivalry between

"Suge" Knight's West Coast Death Row Records and Combs' East Coast Bad Boy


The two camps have clashed in the past, once at the Source

magazine rap awards several years ago when Knight very publicly dissed Combs

from the stage, again at the Soul Train Awards in 1996 when guns were drawn,

and several times on wax, where the late Tupac Shakur dissed Combs, the

Notorious B.I.G. and Bad Boy in a song entitled "Hit 'Em Up," a very

thinly-veiled threat.

Some have also suggested that the tension began even

earlier than that, back in September 1994, when Tupac was ambushed in the lobby

of a Times Square recording studio and shot five times, an episode Shakur later

implied was orchestrated by Combs, B.I.G. and an associate, Randy "Stretch"

Walker, who was later found murdered, execution-style exactly one year after

Shakur's shooting. Combs has denied that he or his posse had any involvement.

In the show, the pair reportedly say there was never any bad blood between

them, and in a press conference last week, Combs said, "I've never had a

problem with anyone...not Snoop Dogg, Death Row or anyone else on the west

coast. It's almost embarrassing at the way that the media has continued to fan

the flames of this east-coast/west-coast rivalry."

Snoop, who has made

some noise about his latest album,Tha Doggfather, being a taste of the

kindler, gentler Snoop, agreed, adding, "I'm focusing on today and where we are

going tomorrow...there is no rivalry and we just need to move on into a more

positive light."