Another U2 Song On The Net

At this rate, the whole album will be up there before March 4.

Thanks to an L. A. radio station and always intrepid webheads, another new U2

song has been made available far in advance of its official release date.

Even though Pop won't be available until March 4, you can check out

the U2 Pop Archive ( to get a RealAudio peek at "The

Playboy Mansion" a song Q Magazine described as a "touching tale of

lottery-playing average Joe fantasizing about gaining entry to Hugh Hefner's

private Disneyland."

The lyrics to the song, a soulful slow groove with a

hint of Marvin Gaye, are a name-checking list of consumer products and

celebrities that wouldn't be out of place in a product-placement happy gangsta

rap tune.

The song begins:

"If Coke is a mystery, Michael Jackson,


"If beauty is truth, and surgery the fountain of youth

"What am

I to do?

"Have I got the gift to get me through

"The gates of that


"If OJ is more than a drink, and a Big Mac, bigger than you


"And perfume is an Obsession, and talk shows, confession


have we got to lose?

"I'll never push my way through

"The gates of that


It ends like this:

"We'll go diving in their pool


who you know that gets you through

"The gates in the Playboy


"The Playboy Mansion

"In the Playboy Mansion

"Then will

there be no time for sorrow?

"Then will there be no time for shame?"