ATN's Police Blotter: Ex-Village People Singer Jailed

Everything is in the timing.

Perfect timing? How else to explain the bust of former

Village People singer Victor Edward Willis, 45, just as U2 are popularizing the

Village's People's late '70s macho man look in their video for "Discotheque."

Willis was arrested in his room at the Flamingo Hilton in Reno, where

police said they found about 45 grams of rock cocaine, according to an

Associated Press report. Apparently police arrived at the hotel-casino

after a woman who said she had "socialized" with a man earlier in the evening,

reported that the man hit her and took money and a bracelet from her.

Police said they found the woman's belongings in Willis' hotel room.

Willis was jailed; he was unable to post the $16,500 bail. He was arrested for

investigation of robbery, possession of a controlled substance and trafficking

in a controlled substance, according to the AP report. Willis sang with

the Village People from 1977 to 1979, during the group's "Macho Man"/ "YMCA"