Wacked Out: Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela

An album you probably don't want to listen to.

Into Outer Space is the first record ever to be

recorded on the Moon, or so its liner notes claim. No one is sure when this

record was released or recorded, though most guess the date was sometime in the

late 1960s. Re-released on the Massachusetts based Arf! Arf! label in 1992, it

has been sampled by Stereolab (on Mars Audiac Quintet), and generally

praised as one of the weirdest/worst records of all-time...kind of the Plan

9 from Outer Space of music. It features such lyrical gems as: "Flip flop

fly now you're my guy, let's all try to do the flip flop fly"; "Blue wind blue

wind blow for me, all the love my guy can't see"; and "Moontown is the place to

go, whether it's hot or whether it's cold, the weather on the moon is the best

I'm told."

Though the lyrics are bizarre, the music is perhaps stranger.

The recording is very lo-fi, and the musicians are bordering on inept as they

try to recreate the Dixieland jazz sound of the early twentieth


If, two-hundred years from now, anthropologists and musicologists

unearth this record, they will be at a loss to try and explain its origins and

will probably have to resort to X-Files-type theories about aliens,

time-machines and schizophrenia. At the end of the record Pamela wonders "where

we'll be in the year 2,000?" One thing you can be sure of, the answer is not

found on this disk.