Tortoise Member Scores Reach The Rock

Tortoise/The Sea & The Cake drummer John McEntire (on keyboards), plusTortoise's Dan Bitney (African drum) and Doug McCombs (bass) at the Liquid Room in Tokyo last year. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

A Chicago-based indie film with no marquee stars and a first-time director

(Bill Ryan), has managed to snag a number of cutting-edge semi-underground

bands for its soundtrack.

The movie, Reach the Rock (late spring),

based on a script by teen-flick champion John Hughes about a traumatic night in

the life of a 22 year-old town misfit, was scored by Tortoise's John McEntire

in his first such effort and is slated to feature music from Polvo, June of 44,

Tortoise, the Sea and Cake, Dianogah and former Tortoise member Bundy K. Brown.

A source told ATN the movie is about a "guy who never left his home town,

who never went to college and whose best friend drowned in high school, an

event everybody holds over his head. It takes place over one night when he is

arrested for vandalism and is mainly about the conversation between him and the

arresting cop, who has a closer connection than he might like to this


McEntire reportedly signed on after reading the script and he and the

rest of Tortoise just recorded a seven-minute piece that is directly cued to

the action in the movie, described by the source as "very atmospheric."