Rappers Melle Mel & Scorpio Return To Action

Grandfather's of rap back with new album.

Former Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five members Melle Mel and Scorpio

couldn't have picked a better time to resurface with a new album. Hot on the

heels of the just-released, mind-blowing Sugar Hill five-CD box set, the

old-school duo are ready to release, Right Now (March 14), their first

album of all new material since an ill-received Furious Five reunion album six

years ago.

The album, their first full-length effort as a duo, was

described by a source as varying between "pop, upbeat stuff and straight-up OG

style stuff. It's got their old-school rapping style laid over the new sound of

the tracks, some of which use that dark, East Coast piano loop sound."


first single is the poppy "Mr. Big Stuff," which will be followed by the

moodier track, "Mama," whose chorus uses a sample from Queen's "Bohemian