Bowie Sells Out

Get yer Bowie bonds!!

David Bowie, who's made a career of outrageous moves, has one-upped even

himself and guaranteed a lifetime of "sell-out" jokes by issuing what some are

calling "Bowie Bonds."

Bowie has offered investors a chance to profit from

future sales of his back catalog by buying the bonds, which are expected to

mature in about 10 years and top out around a 7.9% yield (which is about 1.5%

higher than current rate on U.S. Treasury Bonds.) The unusual offer, made

possible by the fact that Bowie owns all his master tapes (including classic

albums like The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust), has already reportedly

netted the chameleonic singer a cool $55 million, with more to come once the

principle on the bonds has been paid out, sometime before Bowie's 70th

birthday. By then we fully expect he will have permanently replaced himself

with a robotic facsimile.

Investors have cautiously given this Bond issue

a thumbs up, mainly because a handful of Bowie's classic albums still sell

nearly a million copies every year. Once the principal on the bonds has been

paid out, all future royalties will go straight to Bowie, who mined a different

kind of gold on Wednesday (February 12) when he graciously received a star on

the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Dapper as always, Bowie had his supermodel wife,

Iman, in tow, as well as right-hand guitar man Reeves Gabrels to share his

honor, which he described as "a very nice thing." Like his bonds, Bowie's star

is sure to get a lot of action, based on its primo placement on Hollywood

Boulevard outside the Hollywood Entertainment Museum.