Rage & Indigo Girls To Meet Zapatista Leader

Really mixing rock and politics.

On February 28, Rage Against the Machine singer Zack De La Rocha will make one

of his frequent pilgrimages to Mexico to meet with leaders of the embattled

Zapatista movement, only this time he will be joined by the Indigo Girls and a

25-member delegation hoping to sway the opinions of Mexican government


De La Rocha is no stranger to the plight of the Zapatistas and

their shadowy leader, the masked rebel, Subcomandante Marcos, who have been

battling the Mexican government in a fight for the rights of indigenous peoples

for several years. The delegation, who hope to meet with Marcos himself, will

be made up of the musicians, community leaders and representatives of

indigenous peoples groups, all part of a cultural exchange program that will

set up camp in the town of La Realidad, the last place Marcos was


According to a source, the Indigo Girls' Amy Ray and Emily Saliers

got involved in the program when they met with a representative from the El

Paso office of the National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, the same person

that De La Rocha was briefed by, after which Ray made her first educational

trip to Mexico.

Both Ray and Saliers have championed Native American and

indigenous peoples' causes for years, culminating in last year's "Honor the

Earth" tour, a month-long benefit tour that raised $300,000 for Native American

grass roots organizations. The duo's next album, Shaming of the Sun,

which features cameos from Steve Earle, Lisa Germano, Andy Stochansky (Ani

DiFranco's drummer), the Atlanta band Smoke and hip-hop producer Dallas Austin,

will be released on April 29.