MTV, The Times They Are-A Changin', Back

Adding a show focusing on "guests with unique or bizarre talents."

MTV, a network that's made a habit of holding on to bad shows too long

("Road Rules") and good shows not long enough ("Liquid TV"), has announced it's

latest step in what was promised as a radical facelift. The bad news, according

to a story in Variety is that the Jenny-less "Singled Out" will continue

it's crusade for the dumbing-down of anyone under 30, and "Loveline," which was

much funnier when we could only hear it, will both return for another season.

More amazing is the 65-episode order for a pair of shows that sound like

Nickelodeon fare at best, Gong Show material at worst. "Oddville, MTV," based

on a long-running New York cable access show called "Beyond Vaudeville," is

described as one that focuses on "guests with unique or bizarre talents as well

as the occasional celebrity." Ready for the wackiness? How about a yodeling

pogo-stick jumping champion? Wow! Or a man who sings "Rock Around the Clock,"

and here's the kicker, in Yiddish! Where are Jamie Farr and Chuck Barris when

you need them?

The other show is called "Apartment 2F," described as a

half-hour show combining "situation and standup comedy." All the action takes

place in the basement apartment of a pair of twin brothers from St. Louis.

Remember "The State?" Man, I loved that show.

On the flipside, if you

haven't stayed up late enough to catch the new electonica show, "Amp," which

airs on the shadowy side on Friday and Saturday nights, it's time to stay up

late. Packed with trippy images and cuting-edge cartoons and graphics, not to

mention a welcome break from anything Spice-related, the show is the equivalent

of a couch-launched chill-out room. Unfortunately, it's been buried almost as

deep as M2, so you know it must be good for you. Both new shows will premiere

in July.