Ex-Clash Strummer, Green Day Support Human Rights Effort

Joe Strummer, once of the Clash, wrote the title track.

Former Clash leader Joe Strummer penned the titled track of a new album

Generations One--A Punk Look At Human Rights benefiting the Human Rights

Action Center (HRAC) that is being released today ((February 11).


song, "Generations," was recorded by Strummer, ex-Damned drummer Rat Scabies

and Seggs, who worked with the Chemical Brothers, using the name Electric

Doghouse. "I am a great fan of Jack Healey [who heads HRAC] and his work with

human rights issues," said Strummer. "When I was asked to write the title

track, I was really taken by the concept of a punk album benefiting human

rights. It inspired me to put pen to paper and I ended up writing the track in

a couple of hours."

The compilation features a mix of new and previously

unreleased tracks from the likes of Green Day, Bad Brains and The John Doe

Thing. It was conceived by Healey, who was former Executive Director of Amnesty

International USA, the man responsible for those mega-Amnesty tours featuring

U2, Sting and Bruce Springsteen, and Jason Rothberg, the 26-year old founder of

the label Lion's Pride, who spent 18 months assembling the artists for the


The collection aims to honor...

The collection aims to honor former first lady Eleanor

Roosevelt, who penned the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, and is the first

in a planned series of four human rights-themed CD's (a rock and funk

compilation are in the works) that will honor leaders in the fight for

universal human rights. A source at Ark 21, the new label releasing the album,

explained that Healey's wish is to have the Declaration of Human Rights into

the hands of a billion people by the turn of the century, preferably printed on

their passports. All the artists have donated their music for the project,

which will raise funds for the HRAC.

Speaking about the compilation,

Rothberg said, "Kids everywhere need to know that the problems all around are

real, but they aren't impossible to overcome. Labels like Generation X have

made it easy for people to believe that we are selfish, lazy, misguided and

clueless about what really matters in the world. Well, this album is proof that

people of any age know when crimes are being committed, crimes that must be

stopped," said Rothberg about the next generation. Adding fuel to Rothberg's

fire are estimates that by the year 2010 people under the age of 21 are

expected to make up 42% of people in the world.

A benefit concert is

scheduled for late February in Los Angeles, and the Electric Doghouse video

will allegedly be appearing on MTV any day now.

The tracks on the album


"Generations"- Electric Dog House (Joe Strummer (ex-Clash) with Seggs

who works with the Chemical Brothers) and Rat Scabies (ex-Damned))

1) "The

Alien Song": Red Ants with Exene Cervernkova (ex-X).

2) "Pat Brown":

Assorted Jelly Beans.

3) "Nervous Breakdown": (Circle Jerks)-


4) "21 Guns": Good Riddance.

5) "Coming To America": Me

First & The Gimmi-Gimmies (featuring Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day).


"Do, Da, Da": Green Day.

7) "27": Lagwagon.

8) "Criminal": The John Doe


9) "Synthetic World": Swamp Dog Does Moon Dog.

10) "Jilted

John": The Vandals.

11) "Don't Bother Me": Bad Brains.

12) "Bugs":


13) "That Last": Fetish.

14) "Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya": Mr. T.


15) "Can't Make Love": Pansy Division with Tre' Cool (Green


16) "Push Shove": X-Members.

17) "Health Care For All Americans":