Tarantino Connection

Cover art from Tarantino film music album.

If you've had the grave misfortune of sitting through any number of bombs he's

done since becoming the flavor-of-the-year with Pulp Fiction, including,

but not limited to Destiny Turns on the Radio, Four Rooms or

From Dusk Till Dawn, you'll know that if there's one thing you can say

about Quentin Tarantino, it's that he's no shy guy.

Which is why his

nasally, stuttering blathering on the intro to The Tarantino Connection,

a compilation of songs used in various Tarantino productions, only serves to

ruin what could have been a great flow of songs. He may not make great cameo

choices, but goddamn if Tarantino doesn't have a good ear for soundtrack


The collection opens with the Dick Dale's surf epic "Misirlou,"

forever associated, now anyway, with the opening sequence of Pulp

Fiction, and then works its way through a great Blasters tune ("Dark

Night") from a bad movie (Dusk) and contributions from Tarantino's

breakthrough, Reservoir Dogs, through movies he wrote but did not direct

including True Romance and Natural Born Killers.

The George

Baker Selection classic, "Little Green Bag," is there, as is Urge Overkill's

career-saving cover of "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon," the Cowboy Junkies'

cover of "Sweet Jane" and Combustible Edison's grooving closing credit music to

Four Rooms.

Other artists making an appearance include Charlie

Sexton ("Graceland"), Leonard Cohen ("Waiting for the Miracle"), Burl Ives ("A

Litte Bitty Tear"), Stealers Wheel ("Stuck in the Middle with You") and Robert

Palmer ("(Love is) the Tender Trap"). My suggestion: program your CD player to

perpetually skip the first and ninth tracks and you'll be in for a more

coherent trip than Tarantino has managed in a long time.