Dinosaur Jr. Still Mostly J Mascis Solo Vehicle

More great noisy guitar rock from Mascis. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

For a few moments it almost appeared that Dinosaur Jr. was an

actual band again. Despite leader J. Mascis' propensity for recording Dino

albums largely by himself, recent press material mentioned the helping hand of

George Berz on drums for the new album Hand It Over (March 25).


Mascis told ATN that despite his own intentions, much of Berz's work does not

appear on the disc. "I did end up playing most of the drums on this album

anyway," explained the guitarist.

"[Berz] started with a lot more, but then

a lot of the songs he did got dropped from the album, and then a couple of them

I re- did. It ended up only one [that Berz played on]," Mascis added. "I wish

he was on more, but it just ended up like that."

Mascis estimated a total

of 20 songs were recorded for the album, 12 of which made the final


Mascis fired the band's original drummer Murph before recording the

last Dinosaur album, 1994's Without a Sound. For that album he played

the drums himself, as he had on 70 percent of the group's major label debut,

Green Mind. Berz, a college friend of Mascis', last appeared playing

tambourine on the song "Goin Home" from 1993's Where You Been.


Hand It Over Berz plays on a number called "I Know You're Insane." The

album's other cuts include: "I Don't Think," "Never Bought It," "Nothin's Goin

On," "I'm Insane," "Can't We Move This," "Alone," "Sure Not Over You,"

"Loaded," "Mick," "Gettin Rough," and "Gotta Know." A tour will follow the

album's release.