Win A Guitar, Save Your Life, Find God

Hey! What could be cooler than a brand new guitar autographed by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy?

OK, we lied. If you enter the contest, you will probably

not find god, and whether you save yourself from the dark, self-destructive

path you're now on is up for grabs. Way out of our control. But this we can

tell you: there is a contest here at Addicted To Noise. And there will be two

grand prize winners. One will win an Epiphone guitar signed by Jeff Tweedy of

the band Wilco; the other will win an Epiphone guitar singed by Luke of the

band Darlahood. There will also be about 100 of you who win cool compilation

albums of new music (much of which won't be released until later this year).

So, just head over to the "Features" section of Addicted To Noise and then use

the big banner near the top of the page to get info on entering this amazing



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HREF="/html/lofi/Features/">Features lo-fi link. Or, if you want the

hi-fi version, use this

HREF="/html/hifi/Features/">Features hi-fi link.>>