Jello Biafra's Virus 200 & Counting

Release of label's 200th album coming soon.

It took them eleven years to reach 100, so, relatively speaking, 200 was a

breeze. Alternative Tentacles, the label founded by former Dead Kennedy's front

man Jello Biafra in 1979, is gearing up to celebrate the release of their 200th

title, The Dicks 1980-1986.

1990's 100th release celebration,

Virus 100 was a compilation of bands like Grotus, Nomeansno and the

Beatnigs covering DK songs, but this time the Tentacles staff felt it was

appropriate to focus on one of the forgotten bands of the punk era, The Dicks,

one of the first punk bands with an openly gay lead singer, Gary Floyd, who

went on to front Sister Double Happiness.

Another former Dicks member,

Lynn Perko, recently turned up in Imperial Teen, whose debut was released last

year. The liner notes to the collection, which will be released on April 4,

will be penned by punks-in-arms like Fugazi leader Ian MacKaye, Jesus Lizard

front man David Yow and Mike Watt.