Billy Corgan, Jeff Buckley Add Vocals To Film Soundtrack

Jeff Buckley sings "I Want SomeoneBadly."

Given their skewed musical sensibility, it's not surprising that the lads in

Shudder to Think have gotten mixed up with music video prince Jesse Peretz on

the set of his first feature-length film. Entitled First Love, Last

Rites, the indie film is the story of the love woes of a New York boy and

his Louisiana girl friend as told (in part anyway) through a record player,

whose music will be provided by STT and some guest vocalists. "We've known

Jesse for a while and he's done a few videos for us," guitarist Nathan Larson

told ATN, about the director who received an MTV Video Award last year for his

hilarious video for the Foo Fighter's "Big Me."

"Jesse was up for his

first feature film project, this young love story set in Louisiana about this

couple in a twisted relationship, most of which takes place in a little house

on the Bayou where she has a little record player and all theses random

singles, like you might find at a garage sale," Larson continued. "He asked us

to write 12 songs that correspond to all these single she listens to, which are

all from different genres of music."

In order to get the different

sentiments they were after, the band asked a number of singers to take vocal

turns. Jeff Buckley sings "I Want Someone Badly," described by Larson as an

"Otis Redding kind of number." John Doe tackles "At the Speed of Love," an

"early 60's Nashville soul number" and the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan

sings "When I Was Born I was Bored," "a Music Machine type of thing."


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