No Doubt, Eighth Wonder Of The Pop World

What is it with this album?

This is getting a little creepy. No Doubt held down the top spot on the

Billboard charts for the eighth week in a row for the week ending Jan.

26 on sales of 144,000 copies of Tragic Kingdom according to Soundscan.

And, in their 56th week on the charts, the group finally hurtled over the five

million units sold landmark, a feat they accomplished while again holding

Madonna and the Evita soundtrack down to the runner-up position for the

second week in a row on sales of 122,000.

With the exception of the

soundtrack to The Preacher's Wife and LeAnn Rimes' debut switching

places, the latter up one notch to seventh, the rest of the top ten was just as

it's been for almost a month, a situation that will undoubtedly change when the

Offspring's Ixnay on the Hombre is released shortly.

And, cementing

its reputation as one of the slowest burns in pop history, Jewel's debut,

Pieces of You, in its 50th week on the Billboard charts rose five

notches to its highest position, #12, nearly two years (and one AMA Favorite

New Artist award) after it was first released.