Wanna Shell Out More $ For Hendrix Reissues?

Mining the Hendrix franchise continues.

Beginning this month, Jimi Hendrix fans will finally get a chance

to once again shell out the bucks for the same old Hendrix material. Let's see,

first you bought the original albums, which got all scratched and messed up. So

you replaced those. You probably picked up some those classic albums in the

cassette format over the years too. Then the CD was invented, so you got to

shell out $15 a pop. And now, in order to hear the guitar master's epochal

music as it was intended, you can do it all over again.

MCA Records held a

press conference (hey, we were busy listening to our Trans Am CDs) yesterday

(Jan. 28) to announce that it has entered into a licensing deal that will allow

it to release the entire Hendrix catalog and, for the first time, the releases

will have the stamp of approval of Hendrix's family. Stop the presses.


first release under the new pact, First Rays of the New Rising Sun, the

last album Hendrix recorded before his death in 1970, contains all previously

released material, but, according to a statement from MCA, "this will be the

first time they are presented together on the same album as conceived by Jimi."

MCA has also entered into a joint venture with Experience Hendrix, the

Hendrix family-owned company, which will allow the family to sign and develop

new musical acts for the Experience Hendrix label.

After many years of

litigation, the guitarists father, Al Hendrix, recently assumed control of his

son's estate. Next up for MCA is a re-release of the entire digitally-mastered

Hendrix catalog, which comprises Are You Experienced?, Axis Bold As

Love and Electric Ladyland, all of which will be released on April


MCA will also release all three on 180g "heavy vinyl" on April 8, in

case you still have cash to burn after parting with $45 for the three CDs. Also

slated for release in 1997 are some new Experience Hendrix-sanctioned albums of

never-released, re-mastered and re-packaged Hendrix music. MCA says part of the

allure of these re-issues is that they will mark the first time Hendrix's

albums will be released on compact discs made from the first-generation

original masters, unlike previous versions, which were mastered from

second-generation copies of the masters, resulting in "superior quality and

clarity" for the new discs. Could someone please get the rotten fish out of