Reagge Film Sequel To Star Fugees

Ready to star in sequel to a classic. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

The Fugees are slated to star in the sequel to the seminal reggae movie The

Harder They Come. If they can fight off a threatened lawsuit from

Perry Henzell, the screenwriter for the original movie, who is planning his own


The reggae rappers have been tapped to star in a sequel to the 1973

movie, to be called The Harder They Fall, scheduled to start production

on June 1 in Jamaica and Brooklyn, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Rapper Wyclef will play the son of Cliff in the sequel and the trio's next

album, (Lauryn Hill and Pras will also star in the film) will be the soundtrack

to the movie.

Deran Serafin (Terminal Velocity, Death

Warrant) will direct a script written by Tony DiMurro and David Sonenberg,

the later of whom produced the much-anticipated Muhammad Ali boxing documentary

When We Were Kings, for which the Fugees recorded the title track. The

film is expected to reach theaters in early 1998 if the producers are able to

fend off Henzell.