Debut album due soon.

Remember a few months ago we kept bugging you about some guy named Lazlo Bane,
whose debut EP featured a duet with Colin (“Men At Work”) Hay on MAW’s

Well, its not a band actually, but a guy, Chad Fischer, who
now actually has a band, and they are called Lazlo Bane and on Jan. 28
you’ll get to hear what we were blathering about on their debut full-length
album, 11 Transistor.

Joining Chad (School of Fish) in his simple
little pop group are his high school pals Tim Bright (guitar), Chris Link
(bass) and, our favorite, drummer Chicken, although in Foo Fighter fashion, the
album features just Chad, playing demos in his garage. Which, after several
listens, proves to be quite enough for these burnt-out ears, fed a steady diet
of nothing-rock for the last six months from one-named bands whose one-hit
(wonder) songs and lyrics are as forgettable as an episode of “Singled Out.”

On songs like “1975” and “Flea Market Girl,” Fischer writes the kind of
wistful pop songs that reek of suburban boyhood in the pre-fab, cul de sac
communities you remember seeing in old Spielberg movies like Close
Encounters of the Third Kind
and E.T..

Finally, easy-to-swallow
pop music that doesn’t try to be cute, overly arch or jokey, but actually tries
to win you over with craft and a bit of humility, if only for four minutes.
Lame, huh? Oh yeah, don’t worry, the Men At Work song is on there too.