You Say It's Your Birthday: The Thompson Twins/Babble's Tom Bailey

It is also the birthday of Korn's Jonathan Davis.

Today is the birthday of Thompson Twins and Babble

vocalist/keyboardist Tom Bailey, born in Halifax, England. While the Thompson

Twins were best known for their techno-driven postpop singles -- not to mention

the fact that no Thompsons nor Twins were seen anywhere in the group. Bailey

grew up as an aspiring classical pianist before meeting up with drummer Joe

Leeway at a teacher's college in Cheshire, England in 1977.

The original

lineup of the Thompson Twins was a four-piece Bailey put together; they toured

London and released several singles and an album, A Product Of... before

Bailey promoted Leeway from the job of roadie to drummer in 1982. That same

year, Bailey asked his girlfriend Allannah Curie to join; besides being a

fantastic keyboardist, she was a journalist with a kooky sense of style. They

recorded In The Name of Love in 1982 and promptly ditched several

members of the group until only Bailey, Leeway and Curie remained.


Kicks was released in 1983, but it was 1984's Into the Gap that the

group began to make waves with singles like Doctor, Doctor and Hold

Me Now. Their followup, Here's To Future Days, included more pop

moments like King For A Day and Lay Your Hands On Me. Leeway left

the group in 1989 and the duo finally admitted to the public that they were

indeed a couple -- a fact they'd have trouble hiding with a baby on the way.

However, they disbanded after 1991's Queer.

Bailey and Curie

produced a new album together under the band name Babble in 1994; its debut,

The Stone, is markedly different from the Thompson Twins' work, with

lots of ambient sounds and additional musicians like engineer/programmer Keith

Fernley, vocalists Q. Tee and Amy St. Cyr, and computer guru Charlie Whisker.

Other birthdays: Bobby Goldsboro, Bob Rosenberg (Will To Power), DJ Quik and

Jonathan Davis (Korn). -- Beth Winegarner