ATN Police Blotter: Super Furry Animals Huw Bunford

Being stopped by police when you've got coke in the car is not a good idea, mates.

Super Furry Animals guitarist Huw Bunford was arrested on Mon.

(Jan. 6) for possession drugs, according to the New Musical Express.

While getting busted with four grams of cocaine might seem like doing Oasis'

Liam Gallagher one (or two or three (grams)) better, suffice it to say that

Bunford could have found an easier way to wrest away the "bad boy of English

rock" title from Liam. Ironically, Bunford's arrest came the same day his

Creation Records label mate, the very same Liam Gallagher, was "cautioned" by

police for cocaine possession stemming from his Nov. 9 arrest on a similar


Bunford was arrested after police stopped and searched a car he and

band mate Dafydd Leuan were traveling in on their way to North Wales to work on

some new songs; blow was found in the car. Bunford was questioned and charged

with possession of four grams of cocaine, then released on bail until Feb. 13

when he will appear before a magistrate.

Now, if we understand English law

correctly, big rock stars and first offenders always get off on their maiden

possession charge, so Bunford should have nothing to worry about. Right? All we

can say is, hope it's your first offense, son. FYI: they frown on it when you

pretend to snort something off your wrist after you get cleared of charges.

Carry on.