Rage Guitarist Hosts "Radio Free LA" With Pearl Jam Members & More

Rage members will perform during two hour netcast.

Monday, Jan. 20, the night of President Clinton's

inauguration, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello will host Radio

Free L. A. , a two our radio show/netcast beginning at 8 P.M. (PST) that will

combine "cutting edge music" and "confrontational politics." According to Radio

Free L. A. organizers, the purpose of the show, which you will be able to

access from Addicted To Noise's "Sonic Lodge," is to "erase the boundary

between alternative music and alternative political perspectives."


set to perform include members of Rage Against the Machine, Beck, Cypress Hill

and members of Pearl Jam. The show will also feature interviews with Michael

Moore (Roger & Me, "TV Nation"), Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier,

Subcomandante Marcos of EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) and Noam

Chomsky. Chuck D. will be talking about Martin Luther King's birthday, and a

"remix" of President Clinton's 1996 Democratic convention speech, as well as

remixes of Robert Dole and Pat Buchanan's 1996 Republican convention speeches.

Discussions and debates are expected to take place in which "musicians,

activists, callers, on-line participants and the hosts scrap like dogs about

the music and issues of the day."

At Addicted To Noise, many of us believe

that rock 'n' roll is a powerful and far-reaching force for positive change in

our society. We hope you'll join Tom Morello and his guests for an evening that

is certain to be as informative and educational as it will be entertaining.

Note: the show will be netcast in RealAudio, so if you haven't already

downloaded the RealAudio player, head to Radio ATN now and download the

software you'll need.