Phish For '97

Inspired by Coltrane and Zappa.

Check out the Phish cover story in this issue of Addicted

To Noise. We've got solid interviews with both Trey Anastasio and Page

McConnell, plus video clips from the interviews, exclusive photos by Jay

Blakesberg... This issue also features "7 For '97," a look at seven new and/or

obscure artists that you ought to know about, complete with audio samples of

their music, as well as features on both the Swans and the long lost Memphis

Goons. We've got an interview with Offspring/Jane's Addiction producer Dave

Jerden, new columns by Dave Marsh and Greil Marcus, plus live reviews, more

album reviews, Radio ATN's "In the Lab With Everclear," and, in the Sonic

Lodge, the entire not-yet-released Space Needle album, The Moray Eels Eat

The Space Needle, in RealAudio 2.0 and 3.0 formats. And don't forget to

check out Cinemachine, our movie review search engine (

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