Mope All Day About The Smiths

King Mope himself.

Living up to their well-deserved rep as the kings and queens of miserable

cheer, Smiths fans are set to celebrate the anniversary of their favorite

band's demise.

Perhaps realizing that any chances of a reunion of

the great 80's bum-rockers is now totally out of the question (following a

recent ugly court case that pitted singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr

against drummer Mike Joyce over allegations of unevenly distributed royalties),

the organizers of the all-day event, to be held at the Pasadena Convention

Center on Feb. 23, opted for a celebration of what must be the darkest day in

the expected 2,000 fans' already dun lives...

Although these kinds of post-mortems reportedly take place

with alarming regularity in England, this is the first such convention on

American soil, and co-chairman Ray DeVries says it will be a "great day for

fans of the Smiths to share memorabilia and stories."

The event, which

will run from 2-11 p.m., will feature an appearance from the rhythm section of

the band, former bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Joyce, who will be signing

autographs, answering questions and screening a rare Smiths video. "Mike

(Joyce) is bringing a video of the Smiths' third-ever show," said DeVries

excitedly. "It has Johnny Marr singing backing vocals on a few songs, which is

one of the only times he ever did that!"

There will also be a vendor room

with booths hawking all kinds of Smiths-related wares, a Smiths theater showing

videos, a show by the Smiths cover band, Sweet and Tender Hooligans, a dance

party at the end of the night (let's see...the black tights with the black

skirt or the black pants with the black pirate shirt?) and a raffle to see what

lucky mope will get to have dinner with Rourke and Joyce. Admission is $20

(pancake make-up not included) and interested mopes should call the hotline,

(818) 967-7811 for information.