ATN Critic's Picks: Joey Ramone's Top 10 For '96

One of Joey's faves.

Fave Albums Of 1996

1) Ramones,

Greatest Hits Live (Radioactive): Shitty title. Great Fuckin' album. I

mean CD.

2) 22 Jacks, Uncle Bob (Side 1/Dummy): My fave CD and new

band of the year.

3) Independents, In For the Kill (Rockduster

Records): Reigning from Hell, South Carolina, this band has got to be the most

original, exciting, horrific, infectious new band I've experienced. Welcome to

horror-ska. Best live! Great record. [Editor's note: Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey

(Ramones/Misfits) will produce the next Independents CD in Feb.]

4) D

Generation, No Lunch (Columbia): But I'm hungry! I love this band. No

Lunch should be considered as their first real CD release. "No Way

Out," "Waiting for the Next Big Parade," "Scorch," "Capital Offender," "She

Stands There"... Live, they kill. Recently supporting Social Distortion has

only made them a stronger, harder, tighter, more exciting band.


Soundgarden, Down On The Upside (A&M): Blow up the outside world!!! I

feel that way often. I can relate!! Great CD!! Great band!!

6) Marc Bolan, Acoustic Warrior (Telstar): English

import. (Thanks, VK.) Pure Marc Bolan at this best live! And I can hear every


7) Kinks, To The Bone (Guardian/Konk): I absorbed this CD on

the Ramones' Adios Amigos tour. It's great. Soothing. Character galore. Highly

therapeutic and very kinky.

8) Beatles, Anthology, Volume Two


9) Stop, Never (Smut Peddlurz).

10) Los Gusanos,

Carve Your Name EP (Wowoka): CJ Ramones' new band. A great band. Great

improvised raw, driving playing. Great songs.

Fave Singles of


1) Oasis, "Don't Look Back In Anger" (Creation): I surrender.

Actually, "Don't Look Back In Anger" is the most beautiful, addictive song I've

heard in some time. Now if I could only get it out of my head.

2) Los

Gusanos, Carve Your Name EP.

3) Blackfire, Blackfire EP

(Wowoka): Native American Navajo punk rock. Pure heart, soul and


Fave Events of 1996

1) Ramones at Lollapalooza.


Last Ramones' performance, Aug. 6, Hollywood Palace, Los Angeles.


Performing and participating in the Hodiits'a Festival, Tuba City, AZ, Navajo

Nation, and hangin' out with the Jones Benally family and friends. A moving,

eye-opening, mind-blowing cultural experience.

4) Coney Island High Legal

Benefit and Christmas Party. Great club. Good fun.

5) Performing as a

surprise guest with Ronnie Spector at the Bottom Line Christmas Extravaganza,

singing a duet on "Baby I Love You."

6) Recording a cover of Cheap Trick's

"I'll Be With You Tonight" with 22 jacks at A&M Studios in Los Angeles, with Ed

Stasium producing, for Cheap Shots, a tribute to the guys being released

this summer.