"Good" Pornos" Battle "Evil" Pornos In "Hard Charger" Video

OK, now that the video is done, let's get on with that Insect World thing, Perry. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

We guess one of the reasons the Insect World debut on-line concert/recording

session didn't happen this past Sun. (Jan. 12) was because one of the Internet

label's co-founders, Perry Farrell, was busy shooting a video on the Warner

Bros. lot for the Howard Stern movie, Private Parts.

Joined by pals

Flea and Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as Stern himself,

Perry and the rest of Pornos cavorted in a Liz Friedlander (Alanis

Morissette)-directed video for the song "Hard Charger," the first single from

the soundtrack to the eagerly-awaited (we didn't say by whom) Stern


A source described the video as being a "two part story, with one

part about Stern's ascension to power, with him playing a pied-piper kind of

figure" and a parallel story line with the Porno's playing a "schizophrenic

band." Apparently, thanks to some post-shoot video wizardry, viewers will see

images of the "good" Porno battling with the "evil" Porno, including a scene

where the benevolent Stephen Perkins is playing drums and a more sinister evil

Perkins butts into the frame and tries to shove him off. Yeah, but where are

the lesbians and strippers?

The soundtrack is scheduled to come out on Feb. 25th,

although as of yesterday (Jan. 15), the folks at Warner Bros., who are

packaging the soundtrack, were still scrambling to get the line-up confirmed.

Possible contributors include Ozzy Osbourne, the Dust Brothers and Stern,

Marilyn Manson, Tool and Stern's old pal, Dee Snider (Twisted


Songs already slated to appear are a Stern/Rob Zombie duet,

AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" (which they perform in the movie), Cheap

Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" and the Porno's song. There will be a

limited-edition version of the soundtrack with different art, but, um, nobody

at Warner Bros. is sure what the difference will be just yet.

A special

premier screening of the movie is scheduled for Feb. 27 at the Paramount in New

York, at which some of the soundtrack bands are supposed to play, although none

have signed on the dotted line yet. One of the bands we were told "might" make

the scene are the ever-elusive Porno's boys, but we...never mind. The movie

hits theaters on Mar. 7.