Don't Bogart Jerry Garcia's Millions

Let's just say Jerry left a bit of a mess behind. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

In the parlance of those forgotten times, the whole "scene" was "uncool, man."

Now, it may have gotten a little groovier for the late Jerry Garcia's long-time

lover/wife Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia. A judge ruled yesterday that the

former Grateful Dead guitarist 's widow, Deborah Koons Garcia, cannot disregard

a 1993 divorce settlement agreement signed by both Carolyn Garcia and Jerry

Garcia in which Captain Trips agreed to pay out $5 million ($20,883 a


Koons Garcia, the third wife of the legendary band leader who died

at age 53 of a heart attack in a drug rehabilitation center in 1995, had argued

that Mountain Girl had taken advantage of a drug-addled Jerry Garcia and

coerced him into signing the divorce agreement . Jerry Garcia, who had fathered

two children with Mountain Girl, had already paid her $400,000 before his

death. Soon after his passing, Koons Garcia cut off payments, which led to the

court battle. Koons Garcia and six other Garcia heirs said they would appeal

the judgment from Superior Court Judge Michael Dufficy, who, in ruling in

Mountain Girl's favor, wrote, "Jerry honored the agreement while he was alive.

Jerry's estate cannot rescind the contract after Jerry is gone."


it's unknown how large Jerry Garcia's estate is--with estimates ranging from $5

million to $20 million--in the true spirit of peace and love, a motley crew of

lovers, business partners and hangers-on have filed claims against it totaling

more than $30 million. Sounds like a real bad trip to us, man.