A Group William Bennet Would Love

Cover art from their latest album, For Your Pleasure.

Madrid, Spain's Pleasure Fuckers are a virtual United Nations of

rock 'n' roll. Their members include one Brit, a Spaniard, two Yanks, and a

singer from the Basque Country (located in the north of Spain and the south of

France). What's more, their rainbow ranks include both sexes, and a span of 20

years between the ages of the drummer and singer. "We got two punk rock

generations in the same band," says vocalist Kike Turmix, 38, and the band's

Basque representative. Despite their border blind line-up, don't listen for the

Pleasure Fuckers on public radio's international programs--their brand of

raunchy garage rock is too hedonistic to pass radio muster.

The Fuckers

hope to gain wider stateside recognition with their latest release, For Your

Pleasure. The 15 song album is one of the earliest releases from the newly

formed Grita! label, which aims to promote Latin punk and alternative music.

Produced by Iain Burgess (Ministry, Big Black, Naked Raygun) with help from PF

guitarist Mike Sobiesky, For Your Pleasure is laced with hedonistic

tales of sex and booze, wrought in raw R&R form. The CD also includes two bonus

songs from the Pleasure Fuckers' last LP, Ripped to the Tits, a now hard

to find item on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label.

Legend has it


Legend has it that. Americans Sobiesky and Norah Finlay

happened upon the heavyweight Turmix several years ago, when they watched him

seize the mic from some poor singer and unleash a raging take on "The Crusher,"

an ancient garage homage to wrestling. "I was hungry for the scene, to get a

band, and hit the road," says Turmix in a somewhat less dramatic rendering of

their meeting. "Back in '88 I met two Californians, Mike Sobiesky and Norah

Findlay. They had just come into Madrid and wanted to start a band. They gave

me a demo of things they were thinking about doing, and I said, 'Hey, I'm your

singer! Right now!'" The Pleasure Fuckers were born on the spot, and have since

released five studio albums.

Turmix sings in both Spanish and English on

For Your Pleasure. Accents often disappear in rock, and that's

especially true in the distorted mayhem of the Fuckers' raunch 'n' roll.

Turmix's beer soaked belting barely reveals that English is not his first

language. It's actually his third, after French. "The most part of my English

comes from the Rolling Stones' records I used to buy when I was a young kid,"

says Kike.

This country's radical right would no doubt have its ire raised

several notches upon learninging that songs such as the whorish "30 Seconds,"

the gambling-tainted "Last Smoke Last Dime," and the oh-so-debonair "Sexy

French Motherfucker" were not penned by Turmix, but by Findlay, the Fuckers'

female guitarist and occasional singer. In fact, Finlay authored all of the

English- language tunes on For Your Pleasure. Turmix handled lyrics for

the songs in Spanish, including "Socio De Satan" ("Partner of Satan") and

"Masacre En El Disco Bar."

The Pleasure Fuckers hope to organize a spring

tour of the U.S. and hope to work out a deal to record a split seven-inch with

the New Bomb Turks.