Offspring Slam Back Into Action

Rockin' hard for you.

Sure they've sold many, many millions of albums since they

recorded Smash, but "All I Want," the slammin' first single from the new

Offspring album, Ixney On The Hombre, shows they've lost none of their

edge. The song rips along at a frantic SoCal punk pace; content-wise, it's a

defiant statement of personal rebellion. The video for "All I Want" just

started airing on MTV, and we suggest that if you're an Offspring fan, you

check it out. We don't think you'll be disappointed.

Even as reports came

in that radio is reacting favorably to the single, the group flew around the

world to New Zealand this past Monday, where they will perform on the Big Day

Out festival tour, which begins on Jan. 17 in Auckland at Erricson Stadium and

then continues in Australia. Following the New Zealand and Australian dates,

the Offspring will return to the U. S. for a quickie two weeks of U.S. shows

before hitting Europe in March and April. After that, the big North American