Checking In At Perry Farrell's Insect World

Uh, maybe Perry will get it together Wed., man. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Hey, we were as excited as you about the first Insect

World Records netcast that was to have taken place this past Sun. night (Jan.

12). But we when we arrived at the web site where Perry Farrell's new

semi-virtual record label's netcast was to have taken place, what we found was

a RealAudio recording of someone fumbling around on a guitar. One of our staff

fired off this email to the ATN news dept. shortly after "tuning in": "I'm

'listening' to it now. I put that in quotes because (so far) it's about 2

minutes of a repetitive guitar line, then a bunch of static (about 10 secs)

then nothing, but I'll leave it going just in case."

We figured something,

more, something really exciting would be taking place as the evening

progressed. Nope. Here's the final email report we received: "Well I listened

and I would be hard pressed to write 200 words about it... Is it worth it if I

wasn't moved by it? I mean, it was bits and pieces of a jam session, with bits

and pieces of songs I almost recognized, but before I could positively

identify the song, it cut off and went into something else. Is that what was

supposed to happen? ... Perry Farrell is not someone we can all understand,

right? right?"

As it turns out, the netcast was rescheduled for this Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Visit for more details.