The Truth About Nine Inch Nails

Reznor in pain. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

A fan with an overactive imagination is once again causing nothing but

headaches for Nine Inch Nail's Trent Reznor. The fan in question, who runs a

NIN/Trent page and who has reportedly been served with two cease and desist

orders over his unofficial rantings, has once again managed to fool the press

(some of them anyway) with erroneous information about Trent Reznor and Nine

Inch Nails, according to Reznor's management company.

A Reznor management

source told ATN that, contrary to several published reports including one in a

recent issue of England's Melody Maker:

1) Reznor has not secured

remix help from a homeless "bum" who resides in the alley outside his studios.

2) Reznor has not completed an new album called Impossible Pain.

3) Nor has Reznor completed a remix album called Improbable Pain


4) Trent Reznor's "half-brother," Bob Reznor, will not appear on said

album, mainly because there is no such person or album.

5) And finally,

none of this (as reported in Melody Maker) is according to a new

interview with metal mag Kerrang! because Reznor never sat for an

interview with that magazine (Kerrang! also got the erroneous

information from the wacky fan's web site. One guy, so many headaches.


NIN management did tell us is true is that Reznor and the boys will

appear in a Mark Romanek (Beck) directed video for "The Perfect Drug," the new

NIN song from the soundtrack to David Lynch's Lost Highway. The video

debuts on MTV this Sat., Jan. 18. "Trent is performing in it more so than

previous videos," said our source. "It's more of a role, a character he's

playing, but Trent's own personality definitely took over the character, so

it's still him in a way."

Although drummer Chris Vrenna appears in the

video, don't look for him to be behind the kit in the future, since he is no

longer a member of NIN. We understand that Vrenna, who has been by Reznor's

side since NIN's debut, Pretty Hate Machine, recently left New Orleans

for Los Angeles and, as of last Tuesday (Jan. 7) was on the road with the

Smashing Pumpkins serving in an undisclosed capacity. "He's not performing or

playing live with them," a source close to Vrenna told ATN. "But he's a real

computer wiz and he's working on some new soundtrack recordings with them,

helping out with some technical aspects." The Pumpkins' publicist confirmed

that Vrenna had recently joined the Pumpkins posse, and that the band is

working on a song for the next Batman movie.

Oh yeah. Also true:

Reznor is writing the next NIN album in New Orleans and Los Angeles.