Oklahoma Governor Wants To Shut Marilyn Manson Down

Just another rock 'n' roll band...

Marilyn Manson continues to do what he does best, court controversy and get

uptight politicos' panties in a bunch. Manson, who, in the latest issue of

Rolling Stone described the philosophy of his twisted band by

explaining, "It's designed to speak to the people who understand it and to

scare the people who don't," certainly put the fear of the (anti)god into

Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, who has issued a press release condemning the

band and urging Oklahoma residents to stay away from Manson's Feb. 5 date in

his state.

"From what I have learned of the content of their lyrics and

message as well as their conduct on stage, they are clearly bent on degrading

women, religion and decency, while promoting satanic worship, child abuse and

drug use," quoth the Governor, in response to "calls and letters" to his office

from citizens supporting cancellation of the Feb. 5 Manson concert at the State

Fairgrounds. "These people are peddling garbage. It's further proof that

society's moral values continue to crumble."

Keating, however,

acknowledging that it is not within his powers to shut down the show, since the

fairgrounds are not state property, encouraged his concerned constituents to

"vote with their feet and decline to attend this event," adding, "if no one

comes to listen to their trash, this group will go elsewhere and not come


This isn't the first bit of moralistic wrangling...

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