ATN Critic's Picks: Brian Kushnir's Top 10 For '96

Cover art from Cooperopolis.

1) Headz 2A (Compilation from the MOWAX label): Two CDs in

an unassuming yellow package that dramatically illustrate the scope and depth

of new directions in music--from Ambient Dub to "Intelligent" Techno and


2.) Sublime, Sublime: Hard edged and honest. Sad. Why isn't

the stripped-down Paul Leary produced version of "What I Got" ever played on

the radio?

3) Grant Lee Buffalo, Copperopolis: Beautiful songs

reflecting mid-1990s American angst, on a national rather than individual


4) Soul Coughing, Irresistible Bliss: Discombobulated musical


5) Doctor Y.S. and the Cosmic Drunkards, Night Music (EP):

Japanese techno-manipulator Yoshihiro Sawasaki creates shimmering music perfect

for a late night drive. An EP that clocks in at 45 minutes. On the Japanese

Sublime label.

6) Tortoise, Remixed: A collection of eight remixes

of songs from their Millions Now Living Will Never Die release,

previously available on four limited edition 12" vinyl singles, out now in

Japan on Thrill Jockey.

7) DJ Shadow, Endtroducing: Variations on

the theme of DJ-as-composer, from the self-styled savior of hip-hop. Good on


8) Phish, Billy Breathes: Hummable pop ditties from the

most inspiring live band on the planet.

9) Phish vs. Talking Heads

Remain In Light. 10/31/96, Atlanta, GA. Phish covers the entire 1980

album, in between two sets of their own originals. What will they do this


10) Ron Sexsmith, Ron Sexsmith: Crafty songwriting, beautiful

singing, and shimmering (yet less off-kilter than usual) production from the

team of Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake (Los Lobos, Soul Coughing, Cibo