Madonna & Courtney Love Duke It Out

Madonna, back when she was just a disco queen.

The weekend box-office tallies proved one thing to those expecting a

knock-down-drag-out fight between the biggest pop divas in the world, sometimes

hype doesn't work (check back with us two months from now to see if U2 prove

that maxim again).

With combined advertising budgets likely bigger than

the entire budget of the Penelope Ann Miller (huh?) thriller The Relic,

both Madonna's relentlessly hyped Evita and Courtney Love's equally

omnipresent The People Vs. Larry Flynt, got trumped at the box office by

the little movie that could.

With a haul of $9.4 million, The Relic

easily beat out the overblown Material Girl songfest (although Evita

clocked $12,216 per screen on 704 screens) which pulled in $8.6 million for

second place. Ms. Love coasted into seventh place with her portrayal of Larry

Flynt's drug-addled stripper wife, Althea Flynt, with earnings of $5.6 million

in its first week of wide release, despite an ad campaign that made it out to

the "Feel Good/Bad Movie of the Year!" And while we're on the subject of The

People Vs. Larry Flynt, has anyone other than us noticed that, early on in

the film, during a scene that takes place at Flynt's Hustler club, a stripper

is introduced as "Alanis from Ottawa?" In case you don't know, Courtney Love is

less than admiring of Ms. Morissette, and little Alanis does hail from Ottawa.

We guess this is some sort of in-joke, but what do we know?

Finally, MTV's

second stab at the big screen Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (anyone

remember Joe's Apartment ?) stayed in the top ten, at #10 with a $3

million haul.