Blondie Regroups, Enters Studio

In the studio with the guys.

Yes, Virginia, the rumors are true. Bringing to an end months of speculation, a

source close to the band confirmed yesterday that '70's popsters Blondie have

re-formed and are in the studio working on new material. Singer Deborah Harry,

guitarist Chris Stein, drummer Clem Burke and keyboardist Jimmy Destri have

been in and out of a New York studio for the past few months jamming and laying

down new tracks, including a few with Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes and Warren

Cuccurillo. The band have been working on all-new material, although they are

currently without a record deal. Plans to release the recordings are "still up

in the air" according to the source, as are any plans for live dates.

Meanwhile, Harry will celebrate the release of the new Jazz Passengers

album, Individually Twisted, (Feb. 14) with a show at New York's Supper

Club on Feb. 12. Unlike the first Passengers album, on which she sang on only

one tune, Harry handles all the lead vocals on this latest offering, save for

one song on which she duets with Elvis Costello. The record will be released on

32 Records, the new label started by legendary Atlantic Records jazz producer

Joel Dorn. Following the New York date, Harry will head out on the road for a

two-month Jazz Passengers U.S. tour.

Harry is also keeping busy on the

acting front with bit parts in a pair of upcoming movies, including a brief

walk-on in the Sylvester Stallone vehicle Copland. The movie, directed

by Jim Mangold (Heavy) will give Harry a chance to briefly re-visit the

role of "Dolores," which she played in Heavy alongside Shelly Winters

and Liv Tyler. She's also currently in rehearsals for Six Ways to

Sunday, the second feature film (the first being the straight-to-video

turkey It's Pat) from video director (Bruce Springsteen, Ween) Adam