Kim Deal Debuts New Version Of The Breeders

Kim Deal rockin' at Lollapalooza '94. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Kim Deal chose Santa Cruz's Catalyst nightclub to debut a new

version of the Breeders last night. She strode out onto the stage in plaid

pants, a yellow CAT t-shirt (short for Caterpillar; makers of fine earth moving

equipment), followed by her almost entirely new band, quickly did a sound check

of her voice and announced the first song, "Mom's Drunk."

The song knocked

me back in my seat. It was fast, edgy and totally aggressive. The crowd of

about 200 went crazy with energy, and collectively thrust themselves towards

the stage.

There was a brief pause after the song ended, in which Kim Deal,

jovially conversed with the crowd. Someone called out for the song "Freebird,"

to which Deal smilingly replied, "You want 'Freebird?' Here's your freebird,"

and gleefully flipped the audience off. Then the band launched into, "I Am

Decided," another rousing song.

With the aid of two new guitarists, Nathan

Farley and a woman Deal referred to as "Katy," a new bassist, Louis Lerma, and

the only remaining original member of the band, drummer Jim MacPherson, Deal

kept the pace frantic. Even the band's slower songs seemed to positively

radiate with latent, fervent energy. Many of the staple radio songs seemed to

have actually improved since last I heard them.

"Cannonball" benefited

from having three guitars wail away at it. "No Aloha" exhibited Kim Deal's solo

talent on the guitar. The sound was tighter and more complex than in Breeders'

shows past. One of the new guitarists, Katy, has taken over Kelly's job of

singing and her voice nicely complemented Kim's low throaty sound. Matching

highs for lows. She can also play guitar, something her predecessor struggled

with greatly.

Sadly enough, the Breeders only played for an hour before

calling it a night. But this was a solid hour of a new style of Breeder, one

only hinted at in shows past.