Knitting Factory To Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

Bob Mould will be there.

New York's fabled Knitting Factory is celebrated their 10th anniversary in

February with a month-long series of shows featuring many artists who have

played at the club over the years (as we previously reported). We just got a

look at the line-up. Thus far, here's what's up:

Feb. 1: Richie


Feb. 3: Violent Femmes

Feb. 4: Private party feat. David


Feb. 5: Giant Step w/ Groove Collective (tentative)

Feb. 7:


Feb. 8: Bob Mould

Feb. 9: John Zorn's Painkiller

Feb. 10:

Diamanda Galas

Feb. 11: DJ Spooky's Ambient Celebration

[For the fest

of the line-up, please use "Continued" icon below.]