ATN Critic's Picks: Lee Ranaldo's Top 13 for 1996

Ranaldo recommends that you mix some Stockhausen and Ives with your rock cocktail.

Albums of

1996 in no particular order:

1) Sebadoh, Harmacy

2) DJ Spooky,


3) You Am I, Hourly,Daily (Aussie)


Thurston Moore, "Piece for Yvonne Ranier" (cass)

5) Charlemagne Palestine,

Strumming Music (Barooni, NL)

6) Charles Ives, Works for

Piano (VoxBox)

7) Stockhausen, Tierkreis

8) Dora Maar,

Copula (NZ)

9) Le Jazz Non (a NZ noise sampler)

10) Thela,

Argentina (NZ)

11) Beck, Odelay

12) A Storm of Drones,

the Sombient trilogy (Asphodel)

13) Pavement, Bright in the

Corners (advance Matador cass): Godhead, yessir!