Danny Elfman, Soundtrack King

Just don't let him reform Oingo Boingo. Anything but that.

Just like it's impossible to mistake an Oingo Boingo song for, say, a Crowded

House one, it's equally improbable to mistake a Danny Elfman score for, well,

anybody else's.

Elfman, who started out in an annoying new wave combo and

ended up writing the dark, haunting scores to a number of Tim (Batman,

Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas) Burton movies

and establishing a solid rep as the composer of choice for off-beat projects,

has released his second collection of soundtrack work, entitled, Music for a

Darkened Theater: Film & Television Music, Vol. 2.

The two-CD set,

heavy on the moody weirdness and carefully-controlled orchestral quirkiness,

collects several of Elfman's more established multi-part suites from movies as

diverse as Mission Impossible and Dead Presidents, as well as TV

stuff like the "Peewee's Playhouse Suite," and music from the animated

Beetlejuice series. (Not recommended for the clinically depressed, antsy, edgy

or easily spooked.)