ATN Critic's Picks: Gil Kaufman's Top 10 for 1996

Mr. Kaufman likes the silence.

1) Those three seconds of immaculate

silence in the Eels' "Novocaine for the Soul."

2) Bill Ding And the

Sound of Adventure (Hefty); Land of the Loops Bundle of Joy (Up).


3) The first of two sold-out Ministry show at the Aragon in Chicago

where the music was incredibly loud, the floor was a roiling, bubbling blur of

spinning mosh pits and wild abandon and the whole sea of bodies looked like a

pagan ritual dance about to explode into bonfires and mass chaos.

4) Beck


5) Witnessing the first post-Melvoin/Chamberlin Smashing

Pumpkins show at Chicago's Metro and hearing Matt Walker fill the big shoes

left on stage by Jimmy Chamberlin.

6) Hearing Jon Spencer politely and sheepishly ask a

waitress where the juice bar was for some carrot juice and then taking the

stage of Tucson's Club Congress ten minutes later and yelling, "You all like to

eat pussy? You all like to fuck?"

7) Wilco Being There.

8) Being

called by a British radio news service for an update about the first Liam-less

Oasis show in Chicago, which I didn't attend, and being told, in truly British

fashion, that, "We know that, but our listeners don't. What if you were to


9) Finally breaking down and buying the Beach Boys' Pet

Sounds and the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, on

the same day.

10) Watching the testosterone beasties at a Rage Against the

Machine Show yell for a pair of comely young women to "show us your tits!"

moments before Rage guitarist Tom Morello's mom came on stage to rage against

censorship and invoke the memory of just-slain rapper Tupac Shakur, the latter

of which drew great waves of boos from the defiantly un-PC audience.