Bjork Joins A Tribe

Providing A Tribe Called Quest with some dope remixes. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Aside from the money raised and the awareness raising, this summer's Tibetan

Freedom Concert also set the stage for one of the most unusual collaborations

since Noel Gallagher teamed up with the Chemical Brothers. A Tribe Called Quest

hooked up backstage with big fan Bjork and the mutual admiration society

decided a collaboration was in order, according to a source at Jive Records.

It took a while, but now you can hear their hook-up on the Tribe's latest

single "Stressed Out." The diminutive Icelandic superfreak did three remixes of

the song, all of which feature Oliver Lake of the World Saxophone quartet and

one of which (the barely two-minute long "Bjork's Married to the Mob Mix")

features vocals from Bjork. The other two Bjork remixed tracks are "Bjork

Dandelions" and "Bjork's Say Dip." The single also contains a few alternate

versions of "Stressed Out" with vocals from R&B singer Faith Evans.